Salem State University 

Salem State University Orange Hall Same M.A.

Apex Green Roof Installation Year: 2010

Owner: Salem State University
Location: Salem M.A.
Building Type: Student Housing
Type: 4.5" Extensive/Pre-grown modular
System: Liveroof
Size: 7,000 sf
Slope: 1%
Access: Inaccessible

Architect: Wagner Hodgson Landscape Architects
Greenroof System:
Waterproofing Manufacturer
Waterproofing Membrane Contractor:

This green roof was Apex Green Roofs first installation of a pre-grown modular green roof system. Delineated by ornamental stone runnels, this green roof is designed to highlight the contrasts in sedum species throughout the year.  Although striking, monocultures tend as are present at Salem State introduce increased maintenance costs and greater potential disease.

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