Can a vegetated roof system withstand violent wind storms? Yes. Here's the proof.

Green or vegetated roofing systems are gaining popularity in North America as a viable solution for a healthier built environment by reducing storm water runoff (which overwhelms and pollutes municipal waterways and systems), reduces air pollution, creates usable space on rooftops, creates urban wildlife habitats, increases green space which helps reduce urban heat island effect, helps reduce a building's heating and cooling costs and significantly increases the lifespan of the roof membrane. 

As vegetated roofing systems and installations become more familiar within the commercial and residential construction industry - questions naturally arise about how this new type of rooftop landscape will be effected by inclement weather bringing high winds. Helping in the area of research and testing Xeroflor's lightweight green roof system has proven itself under vigorous wind uplift pressure and flow conditions. Read more about how this green roof system withstood winds tested at 106 mph and a wind pressure of 200 psf.

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