Extensive Vegetative Roofs

By Charlie Miller, P.E., Roofscapes, Inc.

Revised by the Chairs of the Building Enclosure Councils with assistance from Richard Keleher, AIA, CSI, LEED AP and Rob Kistler, David Altenhofen, and Ken Roko, of The Facade Group, LLC.

Assisting were Charlie Miller of Roofscapes, Inc., Brian Taylor of AMEC Environment & Infrastructure, Daniel Holahan of The Thompson & Lichtner Company, Mark Swansburg of Paradigm Partners, Rob Berghage of theCenter for Green Roof Research, Penn State University, Charlie Sinkler of Apex Green Roofs Inc., Ed Tierney of American Hydrotech, Raoul Meekcoms and Todd Skopic of Henry Company, Tracy Byrd of Cetco

Last updated: 11-27-2012