Museum of russian icons green roof

Museum of Russian Icons Clinton M.A.

Apex Greenroof Installation Year: 2010
OwnerGordon B. Lankton
Location: Clinton M.A.
Building Type: Museum
System8” semi-intensive system established from sedum and herbaceous plugs
Size: 5,800 sf
Slope: 1%
Access: Accessible/Public

Greenroof System:
Waterproofing Manufacturer
Waterproofing Membrane Contractor:

The green roof at the Russian Icon Museum is a highly visible space located off of one of the main exhibit halls. Meant to be an amenity space, this system incorporates unique perennials embedded within the sedum plantings. The solid glass railing interjects an element of modernity not often seen on green roofs.

Museum of Russian Icons, Clinton M.A.

Museum of Russian Icons, Clinton M.A.