lebanon junior high school

Lebanon Junior Highschool Lebanon N.H.

Apex Green Roof InstallationYear: 2011

Owner: City of Lebanon
Location: Lebanon N.H.
Building Type: Educational
System: 4"-8" semi-intensive/extensive
Slope: 17%

Architect: Banwell Architects
Greenroof System: Zinco U.S.A.
Waterproofing Manufacturer
Waterproofing Membrane Contractor:
Greenroof Installation:

Located in Lebanon, NH and a neighbor to Dartmouth University, this small green roof is the first on a public building in New Hampshire.  With small 8” semi-intensive section surrounded by a 4” extensive system.  The extensive system is planted with sedum plugs, while the 8” system was planted with a different palette of more delicate sedum species.  The idea is that more herbaceous perennials can be added in time and with the help of the schools’ students.

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