harvard business school Chao Center, Cambridge m.a.

Harvard Business School Tata Hall, Cambridge M.A.

Apex Greenroof Installation Year: 2016
Owner: Harvard Business School
Location: Cambridge MA
Building Type: Educational
Type: Extensive 8" depth
Size: 2,117 sf
Access: Usable Space

General Contractor: Gilbert & Becker
Greenroof System: Zinco
Waterproofing Manufacturer
Waterproofing Membrane Contractor:
Greenroof Installation: Apex Green Roofs

Harvard Business School opened the Ruth Mulan Chu Chao Center in June 2016. It is part of the Executive Education Complex and is the first building on campus named after a woman and an American of Chinese descent.

The building is Gold-certified LEED and features a usable vegetated roof space featuring perennials and herbs. Apex Green Roofs installed the Chao Center green roof in the spring of 2016 and continues to maintain this beautiful 'country garden' style roof deck.

Installation in June 2016

Progress 1 year later in June 2017