Apex Green Roofs

Apex Green Roofs Inc. is an industry leader. Working with architects, landscape architects, general contractors, engineers, roofing contractors, developers, waterproofing manufacturers and individual clients for more than 10 years - we've successfully guided and built over 80 green roof projects.

Our designs and installations range from urban to rural locations. Working with public, private and residential clients - Apex Green Roofs designs, installs, and maintains utilitarian vegetative extensive green roof systems to more complex intensive usable space roof gardens.

This company was born from the ethos that nature should be combined with the built environment. Studies have shown green roofs reduce storm water run off, reduce pollutants in the atmosphere, lower air conditioning costs, extend the life of the roof membrane by 75 years and provide a more beautiful setting than empty white or blackened roof tops.

Apex Green Roofs vows to be an exceptional provider of thriving green roof systems by consistently improving the quality of our product; adding value for clients through innovation, foresight, integrity, and aggressive performance.